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Do you want to enhance your brand awareness and increase sales? The automation of your email campaigns is the ideal solution! Strat Inc puts its expertise at your service to help you establish an automated emailing strategy that will help build customer loyalty and improve your conversion rate. We are with you every step of the way during the implementation of your strategy to ensure tangible and lasting results.

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Email Campaign Management

Let’s develop your email automation strategy together. It will be adapted to your business and goals. Our team will support you throughout the implementation of your automated emailing strategy.

Automation Creation

Let’s develop your email automation strategy together. It will be adapted to your business and goals. Our team will support you throughout the implementation of your automated emailing strategy.

Email Campaign Management

Email campaign management involves setting up and managing email communication campaigns targeting a specific audience. It is a key activity for businesses looking to enhance their visibility and build customer loyalty.

As a web agency, we support our clients in managing their email campaigns by offering a tailored service. We consider their goals and target audience to implement a communication strategy that fits.

We can handle the entire process of creating and sending your emails: defining content, creating the email template, segmenting your recipient list, sending, and tracking results. We also ensure compliance with email regulations and guarantee the deliverability of your messages.

Automation Creation

Email automation involves setting up email communication campaigns that are triggered automatically based on predefined triggers. It is a particularly effective solution for customer retention and improving conversion rates.

As a web agency, we assist our clients in automating their email communications by providing a customized service. We help our clients define their goals and implement a communication strategy tailored to their needs.

We can set up automated email workflows that send targeted and personalized emails based on the actions or behaviors of your recipients. For example, you can implement a workflow that sends a welcome email to new customers, another that sends a special offer to customers who haven’t made a purchase in a while, etc.

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We deliver your project and review with you all the actions that have been taken.


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We'll work with you on SEO, content management and much more.


Customized training

Our team will provide training on all essential tools to ensure you are 100% self-sufficient.

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