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Optimize your online reach by making your site accessible to all. With Blue Strat, design a site with integrated accessibility features, providing an enriching experience to each of your visitors.

Make your website accessible to everyone, thus offering everyone, including people with disabilities, the ability to interact more easily

The importance of accessibility for
your website

By making your site accessible to all, you promote inclusion and celebrate diversity. Your brand will emerge stronger, and your site will comply with international standards, especially in countries that require digital accessibility for all

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At Blue Strat, we are committed to making the web accessible to all. Use our tools and features specially implemented on your website to simplify its access. We adhere to the highest international standards (WCAG 2.0).

Improve the accessibility of your website with the UserWay tool

By making your site accessible to all, you promote inclusion and celebrate diversity. Your brand will emerge stronger, and your site will comply with international standards, especially in countries that require digital accessibility for all.

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To make a site accessible, several measures can be taken, such as optimizing images with alt tags, clear content structuring with appropriate HTML tags, and ensuring intuitive navigation. At Blue Strat, we take these aspects into account during the design and development of websites, using practices compliant with accessibility standards like those of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

We also offer training and support services to help you start your project.

Making your site accessible is crucial to ensuring an optimal user experience for all visitors, including those with disabilities or limitations. In addition to promoting inclusion, accessibility also enhances online visibility, improves organic search rankings, and can help avoid litigation related to non-compliance with regulations.

Digital accessibility obligations vary by region and sector, but generally, public entities and businesses that offer services to the public are concerned. This often includes government agencies, private companies, and non-profit organizations.

Website accessibility refers to its ability to be used by all users, regardless of their disability or limitations. This includes visual, auditory, motor, and cognitive accessibility, ensuring that content is presented clearly and understandably, and that features are usable with different devices and assistive technologies.

The Falc method, named after its creator, focuses on digital accessibility by emphasizing ease of navigation and understanding of content for users. It advocates techniques such as simplifying language, prioritizing information, and using visual cues to help users efficiently navigate online content. At Blue Strat, we incorporate similar principles into our web development projects to ensure optimal accessibility.

To check the accessibility of your site, you can use various tools and methods. Here are some options:

Online tools: Tools such as WAVE (Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool), axe, and AChecker can analyze your site and report accessibility issues. Browser extensions: Extensions like Axe Browser Extension or Lighthouse integrated into Google Chrome can provide real-time accessibility audits as you browse your site. Manual testing: Navigate your site while simulating different usage scenarios, such as keyboard-only navigation or using a screen reader, to identify any potential barriers. Expert consultation: Hiring a web accessibility professional or a specialized agency like Blue Strat can provide a thorough assessment and personalized recommendations to improve the accessibility of your site.

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