Web Hosting and Maintenance

As a web agency, our goal is to assist you in managing your online presence.

We offer web hosting and maintenance solutions to help you manage your website efficiently and professionally.

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Hosting your website

Web hosting is an essential service for any company wishing to have an online presence. This involves putting the content of a website online on a server, so that it can be accessed by anyone via the Internet.

As a web agency, we can offer you this hosting service. We work mainly with the French hosting company OVH.

There are different types of hosting to suit every company’s needs, such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting or cloud hosting. Our role as a web agency is to advise you and suggest the type of hosting best suited to your project.

Website maintenance

Website maintenance is an essential service for any company with a website. It involves ensuring the technical health and performance of your website, so that it remains accessible and functional for your visitors.

As a web agency, we offer a complete maintenance solution for our customers’ sites. We take care of all necessary maintenance tasks, such as security, content and plugin updates, performance monitoring and technical problem resolution.

We also support our customers in optimizing their website to improve its SEO and search engine visibility.

By entrusting the maintenance of your website to our agency, you can concentrate on your core business, safe in the knowledge that your website is in good hands. We offer you a tailor-made solution, adapted to your company’s needs and your budget.

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